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Standing My Ground

2013-07-05 18:17:44 by smirkstudios

Hey, Smirk Studios Fans!

Lots of stuff coming up (FINALLY!) Still have yet to come back up on a computer and gear for animation, but musically things have been getting better and better!

In the meantime, check my last news post for the scoop on why I haven't been animating.

Now you may not know this, but our website (been going strong for 10 years!) just recently went DOWN for the first time ever since we started! Now this may sound like bad news, but like in Fight Club, "it's only after we've lost everything that we free to do anything." This is a chance to start from the ground up, using NG as my website, Facebook as my blog, and Twitter as a place to say ridiculous things to a dark room of unknown subscribers!

So stay "tooned," because I fully intend to get back on track very soon! Thanks for sticking with us!

PS... broke ANOTHER car during July 4th.... DAMMIT! At least this time we weren't LIVING in it...

Standing My Ground

Robbed of Everything, but You Can Help!

2012-10-15 18:30:29 by smirkstudios

Hey, Smirk Studios Fans!

You may have heard, I lost EVERYTHING on the road traveling... long story short, I broke down in a town I don't know, and while getting the part, someone smashed out the window and took EVERYTHING, including my clothes... and the roaches in the ashtray (but they left the ashtray...?)

Anyhow, enough about that. This is about how I'll be making my comeback, and how you'll be helping!

Zombie Doll is a cartoon I did nearly two years ago. It spent time on many networks' desks, and is finally ours again. Now we need your help funding it, simply because we want the original ideas in tact, which the networks couldn't or wouldn't do! We know you loved Sketched, and we know you love Jeff Short's hilarious writing style, so let's just cut to the chase!

We're trying to reach a goal of $40,000 dollars for this project to pay myself and the actors to run a full season of the show! The pilot (linked above) was made with little to no budget, which means in comparison to what we'd produce for you with ANY funds, we'd be able to crack out much higher quality episodes. What we need from you is the faith and understanding that we've always known you for! Check out the Kickstarter page and pledge now! We could really do something big here, and it starts with your contribution!

Thanks for all your support thus far. We have been patiently waiting for something to go right all this time, and now we're finally at the all or nothing stage. Any ideas or commentary would be greatly appreciated!

This is mostly news for Noreasta Productions fans. Smirk Studios fans will be getting a real treat soon, regardless!

Thanks again, seeya soon!

PS - Getting robbed sucks... they took my BRAND NEW electric guitar, which came paired with a brand new effects pedal and some various other musical gear... It kind of worked out, though, because it forced me to pick up a beater acoustic guitar, which really improved my skills. I'll be starting a band when I get the chance, but they took my laptop and new Bamboo Wacom Tablet, as well as my clothes and even my bathroom hygienic stuff... you wouldn't even believe some of the stuff they got, which I guess is what I get for being homeless and having to travel with all my stuff all the time... Lesson learned? If you won't be giving to the Kickstarter fund, please find it in your heart to donate to me directly so that I can get back on making animations and doing what I do to make a living!!! They took my laptop AND the bag I had all the backed up files in, which was a separate bag... Dammit!! That had a full length professionally done episode of the new Primetime Primate I was just about to release... which would have helped in getting some sort of ahead.

Like I said, if you aren't giving to the Kickstarter for whatever reason, please donate to my cause so that I can at least get another laptop and get back on my animating... it really sucks to be reduced to nothing! Thanks in advance, I know you care. Love you all! Seeya at Comic-Con next year! I'll post more by then, just so you know. Bye!

Robbed of Everything, but You Can Help!

Hey, Smirk Studios fans!

Lots of news, so let's brief you right!

JordanD of the Spirit Science series here on NG and also available (with pause button!!!) at YouTube and on the Official Spirit Science Website has asked me to animate Patch Man for the next episode... well, I finished it, he liked it (mostly), and he's touching it up now for all to see! He's asked me to do another, in which I will spend more time since he liked the first one so much. Better and better!

In other news, Jeff Short has been whispering things about things and they are good things. That's probably all I can say, so check his page for updates (he keeps up on his comments and reviews, and also his news posts!).

In other news, I will be playing more guitar for you, since I have been selfishly not sharing my improvements with the world. I have been getting better to the point that people tell me, "Hey, that's pretty cool." which has gotta mean something. Also, people are wondering what I'm doing, so I'm going to stop making them wonder. Love you guys/gals! Mostly girls, honestly... which is awesome, but seriously guys, HINT HINT chicks dig it!

Also, I've been looking at lazymuffin and thinking... wtf is my problem? This guy puts is putting out way better and way funnier stuff than me? He has funnier friends, happier fans... and he's a total pessimist! I can learn a thing or two from my peers and step up my game from there.

Ok, so the final breakdown:

1 - Spirit Science coming soon, animated by me

2 - Jeff Short rules

3 - Guitar sounds to make Jerry Garcia proud.

Thanks, folks!

NG Layout Commentary, Spirit Science Episode

JordanD and SmirkStudios Join Forces

2012-01-17 15:34:01 by smirkstudios

Namaste, loyal Smirk Studios fans!

Welcome to the New Year! This will be a year to wake up and be the best YOU that YOU can BE!

Alright, news:

JordanD (of the Spirit Science series) and myself have found our way to each other and are designing a better world for you. We're doing the things that are necessary to keep his WONDERFUL series going while sharing new energy and perspectives that will make you think!

Another cool thing going on is that I've been everywhere since you've last heard from me. I went on Furthur tour in a rickety van that nearly destroyed our hearts, only to find that there is another way of life on the road! I learned about it for six months, as I lived in San Francisco (pictures on my Facebook!) on the streets. It was a leap of faith that I took, and it worked well. I'm inspired by it, and I'm back to share it with you through animation and music!

Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the conversation! Ask questions, there are bound to be answers! This is the year to become free and become one with each other. Wake up!

Hare Krishna,

Joshua H. Metz
Smirk Studios

JordanD and SmirkStudios Join Forces

Hey, guys and gals!

It's about time we get this ball rolling! Moved all the way from Graphire2 to Graphire3!! LOL Seriously, thanks Jeff Short!!

I got to meet up with Ben Edlund (The Tick) for about 20 minutes at Comic-Con, and as always I was walking between The Tick booth and the Behemoth booth all day for all 4 days this year!

Get ready for some serious animation! I'm all geared up!

Also, I saw Donut again this year, he's a cool kid! No costume this year, but he had a Clock Crew shirt on, and he was in line to see Dan Paladin at the Behemoth booth! Thanks, Tom, for helping the kid out, he's totally earned it!

Thanks SirJeffOfShort For The Tablet!

Fucking Wacom Tablet

2011-07-29 00:01:29 by smirkstudios

Damn, I broke this post.

Donate, or I'll have your balls.

2011-05-27 04:28:58 by smirkstudios

Hey, I've never done this silly donate button thing before, so here's my attempt to collect the debt for all my free work I've done so far. Why donate? Because I am animating with a broken and VERY outdated (6 years old) Wacom Tablet, and that's only $200 away from changing. Help me get at LEAST a good sized Bamboo, get me off of this crappy Graphire 2 so I can make you guys some REAL cartoons!!!
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I hope this works.


2011-05-05 22:26:59 by smirkstudios

I bought a mandolin, and learned to play it already. I'm going to use it to raise money for new equipment!


Osama is DEAD.

2011-05-02 04:21:39 by smirkstudios

People were rejoicing in the streets. Obama is the coolest mother fucker, and fuck Presidents, we're all just people, MAN. FUCK TERRORISM, POLITICS AND RELIGION ARE FAKE.

Osama is DEAD.


2011-04-25 17:46:45 by smirkstudios

Thank you so much, Tom Fulp! I wondered if you would even see it.