Entry #72

Standing My Ground

2013-07-05 18:17:44 by smirkstudios

Hey, Smirk Studios Fans!

Lots of stuff coming up (FINALLY!) Still have yet to come back up on a computer and gear for animation, but musically things have been getting better and better!

In the meantime, check my last news post for the scoop on why I haven't been animating.

Now you may not know this, but our website (been going strong for 10 years!) just recently went DOWN for the first time ever since we started! Now this may sound like bad news, but like in Fight Club, "it's only after we've lost everything that we free to do anything." This is a chance to start from the ground up, using NG as my website, Facebook as my blog, and Twitter as a place to say ridiculous things to a dark room of unknown subscribers!

So stay "tooned," because I fully intend to get back on track very soon! Thanks for sticking with us!

PS... broke ANOTHER car during July 4th.... DAMMIT! At least this time we weren't LIVING in it...

Standing My Ground


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